SH is in shambles .

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SH is in shambles . Empty SH is in shambles .

Post by SeraphSings on Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:02 pm

I invited Decromer as I know he was a caller , I can't call myself firstly because I am mildly deaf but I do hearing aid but its uncomfortable with my headset there for its an issue for me to hear clearly and I need to focus on my driving . What I observed was no one really paid attention to Decromer in SH , I saw some people not even in the channel for SH despite repeated request and a sheer disobeying of crucial orders resulting in a series of battle loss when we could have won if the team listened and worked together . I complied a set of SH that was hosted by me but called by Decromer after we formed a new detachment . The game result was wildly different than the disaster I had earlier today .

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